Sunday, December 7, 2014


This will be the home of the Flat Fuzz Project.  We will all document the journey by sharing our programming stories across the United States!

Let's start off by explaining just where I come from...The school that made me wanted to try to connect with other schools in a fun way that was not purely about sharing online.  The inspiration for the idea came from the thought of a "Flat Stanley" picture that could be mailed around, in this case to gather stories of how other schools are implementing coding with their students.  This school's programming story started with Kodable, so they thought that making me, Flat Fuzz, was the perfect way to get this whole thing rolling (pun intended).

The first stop on my journey is going to be sunny California.  I should arrive in time to join in on some Hour of Code activities.  Please consider signing up to have me visit YOU so you can share how and why you code with the rest of us!